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Welcome to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas!

My name is Chelsea Atwell, and it is a privilege to serve as your 2012 Panhellenic President! Our Executive Board couldn’t be more proud of the six Panhellenic Chapters that call UNLV their home! Thank you for taking a look at our website - and we hope you take this opportunity to look into the benefits of joining our sorority community here at UNLV!

Being part of a sorority provides a young woman with the unique opportunity to get involved with something greater than one's self. Sorority women are constantly immersed in community service and campus leadership, which leads to the creation of lasting friendships and high academic standards. Our chapters constantly push themselves above and beyond to make positive changes on campus while committing to elevate themselves as individuals.

Whether you have lived in Las Vegas your entire life, or if you just moved here from out of state, joining a Greek organization is an amazing way to enhance your college experience! The friendships, memories, and connections you will make as a result of "Going Greek" will last far beyond your college years. We hope that our website provides a glimpse into the life of a sorority woman so that you can see what Greek life has to offer you!

If you have any questions concerning Greek Life here at UNLV, please feel free to contact me! Our Panhellenic women look forward to having you join our thriving community!

Great Rebels Go Greek!


Chelsea Atwell

2012 Panhellenic Council President

Recruitment is here!

Formal Recruitment is held every fall semester and consists of a four-day period through which interested college women meet the members of all Panhellenic sororities. Women will have the opportunity to learn about chapter activities, interact with initiated members of each organization and ask questions during the recruitment process. Interested women are required to register for formal recruitment and there is a non-refundable participation fee. Click here to learn more!

"We found love in our letters, now let us help you find yours..."

Sign up for Recruitment!

Formal Recruitment for 2012 is September 21st - 23rd, with Bid day on September 24th! Click the button to register today!